About us

Our Company

Officine Concept is an idea born in a time of evolution and changes. We are an online fashion shop that marks the evolution of our thirty years of activity in the field of fashion. Workshops is the fusion of five stores that set out to build your style, working to improve it and improve our way of doing fashion and trend. In this store, as in a large workshop you can build up your look from head to toe, choosing from a wide number of brands and types of clothing. In a time of crisis like this there is a big desire to restart, this is our way of saying that everything changes and everything improves when you have the strength to dare, to risk, to grow..

Officine Concept is based in Sarmato in the province of Piacenza. From there start all our shipments in Italy and abroad.

Our team

Our team consists of skilled experts and fashion consultants, for over 30 years in the industry. We will be ready to advise and guide you in your choices and break all your doubts. The management of our E-commerce is entrusted to qualified persons who will guide you and answer to all your questions.


For informations about orders or customer service please contact us via chat or e-mail at: shop@officineconcept.com


To order by phone or to have assistance call the number 0523/887993 from Monday to Friday and 14:30 to 18:30 h 9-13